Techland Gamers CGI Gameplay

Published on April 1st, 2011

Commenting on ’s world-famous teaser trailer, developer Techland has told GamerZines that the style and tone of the trailer is "not going to be the same as what the gameplay is going to be", saying that "gamers know by now" that "CGI and in-game is never the same".

"The confusion is something we’re working on," said brand manager Vincent Kummer when we asked him whether there was concern that the tone of the trailer may confuse people when they see the actual game.

"We had feedback from people who were like, ‘this is going to be Heavy Rain with zombies’. We want to make sure everyone is aware of what we’re doing. But then again we have this element, the emotional stuff that people are actually attached to; we have that kind of appeal in the game.

"And again, you have to say CGI and in-game is never the same. I think gamers know that by now; that CGI is just to show you a couple of gameplay elements. But in the end it’s not going to be the same as what the gameplay is going to be."

Indeed, Dead Island’s tone is nothing like what the teaser trailer implied, being a zombie bashing action-RPG influenced by games like Borderlands and Dead Rising.

Dead Island’s teaser trailer took the world by storm when it was first revealed back in February. The emotional trailer shows a family attempting to save themselves from a hoard of zombies, and sparked debate amongst the media for its imagery of dead children.

The trailer currently has almost 4 million views on YouTube.

Dead Island launches this autumn on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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    Techland Gamers CGI Gameplay

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