Silent Hill HD Collection 'broken' on PS3, claim consumers

Published on March 21st, 2012

Silent Hill HD Collection 'broken' on PS3, claim consumersIn a bitter twist of irony, frustrated PlayStation 3 gamers have claimed that the PS3 version of Silent Hill HD Collection is ‘downright unplayable’, saying that the game suffers from a stuttering framerate, regular freezes, poor lip-synch, missing audio and control issues.

“OMG. The PS3 version runs like garbage compared to the 360 version. It’s not even a contest,” posted one user over on video games forum NeoGAF.

“I own both versions,” said another. “The PS3 version is downright unplayable from what I’ve seen.”

“These glaring technical problems bog down the game so much,” another user commented. “They take away the tension/atmosphere, and will for some make it unplayable. I can’t believe that this collection was released in this state. The problems start to become less noticeable after you reach the prison section, but most people probably won’t want to play that far.”

Another claimed that he’d run various tests on the PS3 version.

“I tested the PS3 version at different resolutions. Knocked it down to 720p and even down to 480p. Still ran stuttery as all get out. Couldn’t maintain its framerate.

“This can’t be right, can it?” he continued. “I mean they could not have let this out the door in this state?”

One unhappy customer reported that Amazon had already refunded his order due to the PS3 version being a “defective” product.

The game was originally due to launch as a PlayStation 3-exclusive. The Xbox 360 version isn’t said to share the same problems.

Konami may have a fix already in place, though.

A user appearing to post on behalf of the development team said that a patch would be available “shortly”.

“I’m upset too guys,” he said. “The patch fixes the synch/framerate/sound issues in the PS3 version. If you don’t like the arranged music, turning off 5.1 should revert to classic (regardless of Voice selection).

“Patch should be up shortly–sorry I don’t have an exact date. But it’ll be days/week as opposed to months. Try not to enjoy RE too much in the meantime.”

Silent Hill HD Collection launched in the US on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 yesterday. It’s due for release in the UK next Friday, 30th March.

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    Silent Hill HD Collection 'broken' on PS3, claim consumers

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    1. Posted by Shawn Fee on March 21st, 2012, 23:01

      The patch doesn’t work, It still has a horrible frame rate.

    2. Posted by Rowe Trot on March 22nd, 2012, 05:59

      Many people are now reporting that the huge update they released does absolutely nothing and the game is still unplayable.

    3. Posted by Eric Skelly Avila-Nolan on March 22nd, 2012, 20:51

      I downloaded the patch. I’m not having problems with the framerate but the game seems to have trouble getting input from the controller. I can only get the characters to move at a stuttering walk… My controller works fine with my other games though.

    4. Posted by kristopher irizarry on March 26th, 2012, 22:58

      i have the xbox 360 version of this game and just finished my first playthrough of SH 2 with no small amount of difficutly.

      1. severe freezing every time an achievement unlocks. (sometimes forced to reset system)
      2. cutscene after defeating the two hanging men freezes system to point of needing a restart. (can be avoided if the cutscene is skipped right away)
      3. reaching the other side of the lake causes the above freezing problem.
      4. loading up or even attempting to access the view results page results in severe lag and possible restart.

      i have tried to play this game installed and uninstalled to the same end.

    5. Posted by FlameWolf on March 27th, 2012, 04:19

      I just got the darn thing today. The controls make it impossible to play. At the most I can only get the character to run smoothly 5% of the time. THis could be an issue when trying to fight a monster.

      I hope they have a patch for the controller issue soon. I’d like to be able to play the game I paid for.

    6. Posted by FuckYouKonami on March 31st, 2012, 14:22

      l paid $70 for this in australia.

      (we havnt even been offered a patch yet)
      i was going for the trophy complete the
      game with 2saves or less. got to heathers
      apartment (on HARD MODE mind you) went in.skipped the cutscene because l already didnormal and saw it. and it froze. just a BLACK screen. the playstation menu wouldnt even open. so it froze.

      so now l have to start all over again. this product is fucking HORRIBLE. how could konami let this out the door in this state. terrible lagging on silent hill 3. havnt done 2 yet. but heard thats worse. terrible lagging.and now freezing. konami l WILL NOT be buying ZOE from you now since i see what you do.

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