PS3 Hacks Ruin Killzone 3

Published on February 3rd, 2011

Guerrilla’s Steven Ter Heide has told GamerZines that the recent PS3 hacks pose security risks to ′s multiplayer, adding that the studio is going to do everything it can to ensure that anyone who cheats doesn’t "get a place in the Killzone universe".

"It does, yes," replied Ter Heide when asked whether the security issues pose a risk to Killzone 3′s multiplayer.

"We’ve seen the cheats that are possible in other games. Our biggest concern is that one person is able to ruin other peoples’ experience. That’s something we need to clamp down on.

"From our end we’re constantly monitoring what is happening in the games and we’ll try and plug holes that people start abusing. We’ll make sure that those people don’t get a place in the Killzone universe."

Ter Heide also suggested that anyone caught cheating may end up being banned from PlayStation Network, and that Guerrilla can update the game to patch any exploits.

"The banning and moderation system on PSN has been going on for a while now. That was happening with Killzone 2 and other games, so that system is in place.

"But specifically going against cheats and seeing if people are using aimbots or activating a god mode, from a code perspective we can make those changes, and we can monitor the data that’s being pushed through. Say a person’s stats are abnormal, we can take action, release a patch or update something to make it a lot harder for them to actually perform those things."

The PS3′s security issues were exposed last month by hacker group fail0verflow. Custom firmware has since been released by other hackers allowing people to play homebrew and unsigned code.

Killzone 3 launches in the UK on February 25th, exclusively on PlayStation 3.


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    PS3 Hacks Ruin Killzone 3

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