MP Epic Mickey to come to PS3

Published on December 5th, 2010

Popular industry analyst Michael Pachter has said that he believes will indeed be release on Playstation 3 as a prime release for .

Speaking on the matter during his weekly Gametrailers show ‘Pach-Attack!’, Pachter says Epic Mickey will inevitably be bound for Sony’s motion controller although a port would not be easy.

"I’m sure Sony is talking to them right now, the problem is upscaling Epic Mickey because it’s not made in 1080p, it’s made for the Wii so I’m not sure they can go ahead and port the game," said the Wedbush analyst. "I think a lot of the gameplay mechanics would work but they’re going to have to build it from the ground up to make it work on PS3."

Pachter added that should developer Junction Point Studios choose to port the current version of Warren Spector’s latest game, they may choose to do so by releasing it as a cheaper downloadable title:

"It will ultimately come there. Maybe they’ll do it as a Playstation Network game for a lot less money but they’ll have to wait a few years until the Wii version runs its course to get away with lower graphics."

Would you like to see Epic Mickey come to PS3 with Move support?

Epic Mickey is available now exclusive to Nintendo Wii.

Look out for our review of Mickey’s darkest adventure yet in the next issue of PlayZine available next week.

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    MP Epic Mickey to come to PS3

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