MotorStorm Apocalypse DLC Free

Published on February 3rd, 2011

Evolution Studios has discussed in-depth its plans to support with DLC, revealing that any extra tracks developed for the game will be released for free.

Speaking to GamerZines earlier this week, MotorStorm Apocalypse’s lead designer Paul Rustchynsky told us that in order to avoid segregation within the community "all of the content critical to core gameplay is going to be available to everyone for free", with premium content limited to aesthetic items such as additional vehicles and liveries.

"One of the big things with the delivery of the content (in previous MotorStorm games) was that a lot of it was paid for.

"Now, some of that content was great – we had some fantastic tracks – but it segregated the community. You’ve got half of them playing the new tracks and half playing the old, and that just splits them up.

"We want to make sure that doesn’t happen in Apocalypse, so all of the content critical to core gameplay is going to be available to everyone for free.

"We’re trying to take influences from all areas of games and make sure that the community stays engaged for a long time. And if they’re around to play the game they’ll want to buy more of the smaller items; more liveries, more vehicles and that sort of thing."

Rustchynsky confirmed that any additional tracks created would be released for free, and that the team had already "committed to one track which has two different variants". However, he added that the new content would only be delivered once the team had "addressed all the primary concerns from the community."

"The first thing we want to do is support the community’s concerns, so when we launch we want to make sure that everything is working spot on," he continued. "We want to have the whole team there ready and waiting to fix any problems to create the perfect user experience.

"Once we’ve addressed all the primary concerns from the community we’ll then start to layer on all the new content. Obviously if they’re happy we’ll get the track out as soon as possible. If they want things changed, we’ll be there to support them.

"In previous MotorStorm games we always focussed on content and then the fixes and improvements later on. We admit that it was a mistake to take that route, so we wanted to change that and make sure the community feels like they’re being heard."

And if you’re an avid MotorStorm player, Evolution has a treat for you.

"There are players who dedicate hundreds and thousands of hours to the game," he said, "and we want to make sure they’re rewarded, that they’re being given something for their investment.

"We have a community manager who will be monitoring and tracking all the different players, and if particular people are wowing us with their times or consistently winning challenges, we have content that we can provide to them by sending them a code, entitling them to new vehicles or liveries which will be exclusive to them or a very small subset of players."

MotorStorm Apocalypse launches in Europe on March 16th exclusively on PlayStation 3. Mark it on your calendar.


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    MotorStorm Apocalypse DLC Free

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