Jaffe: 'I'm not excited about next-gen'

Published on March 9th, 2012

Jaffe: 'I'm not excited about next gen'God of War director and Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe has said that he “couldn’t care less about next-gen”, and suggested that gamers shouldn’t be so focussed on the technology behind the consoles, but the experience provided by the game.

“I couldn’t care less about next-gen,” said Jaffe speaking in the latest issue of EDGE Magazine.

“I started at Sony Imagesoft doing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games, and I went through that to PS1, then PS2, PS3, Vita… You go through the cycle enough and you realise today’s ‘Oh my f*****g* God’ is tomorrow’s ‘Ehh, whatever’.

“Ultimately, this is all going to be yesterday’s news and it’s about the experience, the game. Unless we’re talking about holodecks, or AI that’s so amazing it can actually write a compelling story around you procedurally based on your choices, I’m not interested.

“I’m no longer that excited about next-gen technology; it means budgets go up, which sucks.”

But despite his lack of enthusiasm for a new console generation, it didn’t stop him giving his thoughts on what he’d like to see.

“The biggest thing I want is what you get from the PSP and the 3DS – it’s always on, there’s a sleep mode and I can just hit a button and I’m right back where I was and I don’t have to go through all the boot-up s**t.”

It’s long been rumoured that Microsoft may be preparing to show it’s next-generation console at E3 in June. Numerous developers are already expected to be working on the console.

It was also rumoured this morning that the next-generation Xbox would not feature an optical disc drive.

Jaffe is set to leave Eat Sleep Play at the end of the month to work on browser-based and Smart TV games. He has often been at the centre of media attention for his frankness and voicing his opinions on controversial subjects.

His latest game goes on sale in the UK next week exclusively on PlayStation 3.


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    Jaffe: 'I'm not excited about next gen'

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