Evolution Squeezing PS3

Published on February 2nd, 2011

developer Evolution Studios has said that they’re "pushing the PlayStation 3 as hard as (they) can" to provide players with an experience that "no racing game has been able to offer before".

"It’s really thrilling to be able to play these tracks, open up photo mode and see the kind of levels we were hoping to achieve in the game," said Apocalypse director Matt Southern, speaking to press at a top secret London location last night.

"We’re really pushing the PlayStation 3 as hard as we can. It’s really all gearing towards trying to create moments that’ll stay in the memory forever, combining really epic events and unique locations with the physics and the emergent system that’s always sat underneath driving the MotorStorm series, so that players can experience moments that no racing game – or perhaps any game of any genre – has been able to offer before.

"So explosive action, as many particles and as much large scale destruction as we can possibly squeeze out of the machine in stereoscopic 3D is really what we’re aiming for.

But Southern admits there was a point when the team didn’t think they’d be able to achieve the results they have with Apocalypse.

"We’re squeezing absolutely everything we can out of the machine in ways that at the start of the project we didn’t think would be achievable," he added.

We had a go on Evolution’s action-packed racer last night and were blown away by the on-screen action. Look out for our hands-on preview in an upcoming issue of P3Zine.

MotorStorm Apocalypse launches in Europe on March 16th, exclusively on PlayStation 3.


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    Evolution Squeezing PS3

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