EA Redefining Excellence

Published on April 8th, 2011

EA has revealed that its strategy of providing "fewer, better, bigger" titles is "working well" for the publisher, claiming that the company is "delivering content and user experiences which are defining, or even redefining excellence in the interactive space."

"EA is a very different business operating in a very different and more complex marketplace compared with just a few years ago," said Stuart Lang, EA’s Marketing Director for UK & Ireland, talking to an audience at an EA Showcase in London earlier this week.

"It’s clearly been, and continues to be, a period of major transition in the interactive space.

"Our strategy is straightforward, but it’s compelling and comprehensive: focus on fewer and bigger hits; go digital; expand direct to consumer; and explore new genres supporting interactive development to build the big hits of tomorrow.

"It’s a strategy which demands innovation which enables quality, which also requires us to distribute and engage in a way which is convenient for our customers, be that via packaged goods and a shiny disc, or through digital, mobile or Play4Free.

"From both a critical and commercial perspective it’s a strategy that’s working well for us."

The new strategy of "fewer, better, bigger," was first outlined by EA’s CEO John Riccitiello in a call with investors in February, who promised to focus on fewer titles in order to deliver them at a higher quality.

"Hopefully you’ll agree that in delivering against these four strategic principles, EA is delivering content and user experiences which are defining, or even redefining excellence in the interactive space for the benefit of gamers everywhere," Lang added.

Lang further commented on how the firm had made "great strides in the shooter category" during 2010, with strong performances from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor, and that the Need For Speed brand was "back on an upward curve critically and commercially".

The director also reacted to comments about EA "neglecting new IP", suggesting that support for titles like Shadows of the Damned and Alice: Madness Returns meant that was "resolutely not the case".

"We’re actively exploring new opportunities and new genres," he said, "and supporting independent studios and intellectual property through our Partners programme."

But despite a strong start to the year, Lang expects the best is still to come. "Today you’re going to see a game which will be the strongest in the space this year," Lang concluded.

", powered by the phenomenal Frostbite 2 engine."

Battlefield 3 launches in November on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Expect fireworks.


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    EA Redefining Excellence

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