THQ: Last Light ‘Isn’t Dumbing Down’ The Metro Experience

Published on June 11th, 2012

Less Angry Birds, more Half Life.

THQ: Last Light Isnt Dumbing Down The Metro Experience

Don't expect any flying poultry to make their way into Last Light.

THQ are betting big on Metro: Last Light.

The sequel to has a new expensive live-action trailer and an impressive amount of advertising to its name, with any specialist website you care to mention currently plastered in the solemn-looking soldiers and that ubiquitous looking yellow M which has come to represent 4A Games increasingly relevant sequel.

With all this increased activity associated with brand awareness and a particularly impressive showing at E3, it would be easy to surmise that THQ and 4A Games are perhaps aiming for a more casual game-playing audience than its high-concept predecessor.

We recently had a chat with Huw Beynon, THQ’s floppy-haired head of studio communications, and he told us in no uncertain terms that this isn’t the case. Last Light will offer the same atmospheric, challenging and strangely beautiful Metro experience we remember – only this time the series will explain its unique gameplay concepts just that little bit better.

“For me, mass market is Angry Birds. Metro: Last Light is unashamedly going for a slightly more mature, sophisticated, cerebral gamer who wants a little bit more depth and substance to their gameplay experience, so it’s not about making concessions to the mass market,” he explained.

“We are working to make the game a bit more accessible than the last one. One of the things with Metro 2033 is that we introduced a lot a original mechanics; your gasmask, lighter, filter system etc. and these tended to be explained by a tooltip which flashed across the screen (a wall of text explaining how this mechanic works). Then the game asked, ‘Have you got that?’ and you were like, “Yep?” – it’s quite hard to process all that information.

“We want to keep all of those complex devices because we think they really enrich the experience, but we’re looking at how we can introduce them to the player a little better; maybe through the narrative more, so it isn’t just a wall of text overload – you learn how to do it and once you’ve mastered it we move you onto the next thing, so you feel like you understand what to do.

“We aren’t dumbing this game down, we’re not going after the kind of person who just wants to blast through a level and shoot lots of people.”

It’s clear that more and more first-person shooters have been venturing more further down ‘Shooting Gallery Avenue’ recently, undoubtedly due to the success of Call of Duty over recent years, and we’re very happy that there will be least one shooter in 2013 that won’t treat the player as just another twitching homical dullard.

To read our latest preview of Metro: Last Light and hear more from our exclusive chat with Mr Beynon, check out the latest issue of PCGZine.

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    THQ: Last Light Isnt Dumbing Down The Metro Experience

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