Gearbox “Imagining” Aliens: Colonial Marines Sequel

Published on June 18th, 2012

Brian Burleson talks up the possibility of more Gearbox games set in the Alien universe.

Gearbox “Imagining” Aliens: Colonial Marines Sequel

No game set in the Alien universe has ever looked this good.

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, senior producer Brian Burleson has confirmed that Gearbox is already thinking about producing a sequel to Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The co-op shooter isn’t out until later this year on Wii U and early 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but when it comes to big licenses developers tend to think ahead and the studio behind Brothers in Arms and Borderlands is no exception.

We asked Mr Burleson if there were any plans for Gearbox to produce future games set in the Alien universe, and his answer certainly gave us hope that this release could be the first of many canonical experiences from the developer.

“We’re imagining things – there’s a distinct possibility,” he explained. “We are making the game in such a way that could support certain possibilities, but nothing is certain so we have to leave lots of ground.”

Excitedly we asked whether those “certain possibilities” included concepts and themes explored in the tertiary Alien universe, like the Alien vs Predator comic series or better yet the gritty novels written by Steve Perry, but Burleson wouldn’t be drawn on the details. Instead he said only this:

“I think when people finish playing the game, they’ll definitely want more. We’re not just tagging off the end of the game and saying, ‘That’s the end of the Aliens chronology for this sort of thing’. We want to continue it…”

Gearbox has spoken extensively about this shooter’s ground-breaking dynamic lighting system which is used to allow the ‘Xenos’ to blend in seamlessly with the environment, so perhaps it’s only natural for the studio to want to use that technology in another 20th Century Fox-approved experience.

Infamously Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in development since late 2006, so we’re sure they have plenty ideas they could use from the cutting room floor. Here’s hoping this story-driven co-op experience is a big enough hit to warrant reinvestment.

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    Gearbox “Imagining” Aliens: Colonial Marines Sequel

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