First RAGE DLC Available Now

Published on December 18th, 2012

The Scorchers would like a quick word…

Over a year after was released, id Software and Bethesda have released the first bit of add-on content for their fast-paced first-person apocalyptic shooter today.

‘The Scorchers’ DLC detail features a new set of missions featuring an all new maniacal faction, a new season of Mutant Bash TV, a new ‘Ultra Nightmare’ difficulty mode and the ability to continue playing in the open-world long after the campaign has run its course.

On the one hand we’re glad that RAGE fans have got an extra piece of content to sink their teeth into, but on the other we have to wonder why this piece of content took so long to breach the surface?

Perhaps Bethesda and id are testing the waters regarding the popularity of RAGE one year on and whether the assuredly different FPS experience has enough of an audience to make a sequel a profit-enducing possibility? That, or id Software were so busy putting together Doom 4 that development of this add-on simply slipped their mind. We really hope the former not the latter is the case, as we wouldn’t mind seeing a RAGE sequel in the future.

There are plenty more stories to be told in that intriguing sci-fi world…

RAGE: The Scorchers is now available for PC users via Steam, priced at £3.49. The console masses will be able to snap it up tomorrow with PS3 and Xbox platforms charging $4.49 or 400 MS Points respectively.


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    First RAGE DLC Available Now

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