Mass Effect 3: War Asset Locations

Published on March 9th, 2012

Raise your ‘War Readiness’ rating as soon as you get access to the Normandy.

Seeing as the ME’s universe is on the verge of extinction, you don’t have time to mess around scanning every system in the vain hope that you’ll find something valuable that will raise your Readiness Rating in the War Assets menu.

Instead what you really need is some kind of guide to show you exactly where you can pick up the most important items in the Milky Way without incurring the wrath of rampaging Reapers and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve put together a cheat sheet which does exactly that.

Starting at the top of the Galaxy Map and moving in a clockwise direction, we’ve catalogued where exactly you can all of the War Assets we’ve located thus far during our game on a system by system basis. If you find any assets which aren’t listed below or on the next page please let us know in the comments.


  • Sigurd’s Cradle

    Mass Effect 3: War Asset Locations

    The best way to use this guide is to start with Sigurd's Cradle at the top and work your way around the map in a clockwise direction.

Item: Javelin Missile Launchers

Cluster: Skepsis

Location: Planet Watson

  • Hades Nexus

Item: Alliance Frigate Hong Kong

Cluster: Hekate

Location: Planet Asteria

  • Nimah Cluster

No War Assets found

  • Keplar Verge

No War Assets found

  • Nubian Expanse

Item: Intel – Research data from Pragia

Cluster: Dakka

Location: Planet Pragia

  • Shadow Sea

    Mass Effect 3: War Asset Locations

    Every planet still has its own blurb describing it's prominant features and history, but you can only scan planets which house a hidden item.

No War Assets found

  • Attican Beta

Item: Interferometric Array

Cluster: Hercules

Location: Planet Eletania

  • Argos Rho:

Item: Haptic Optics Array

Cluster: Hydra

Location: Planet Canrum

  • Gemini Sigma:

No War Assets found

  • Hades Gamma:

No War Assets found

  • Horsehead Nebulae:

No War Assets, although there is a docking point in the Anadius system dubbed ‘Cronos Station’ – a location for future DLC perhaps?

  • Exodus Cluster:

Item: Prothean Data Files

Cluster: Utopia

Location: Planet Zion (wave at Eden Prime as you fly past)

  • Arcturus Stream:

Item: Intel – Intel from Battle Arcturus

Cluster: Arcturus

Location: Arcturus Station

  • Annos Basin:

No War Assets found

  • Aethon Cluster:

- Item: Artifact – Book of Plenix

Cluster: Aru

Location: Planet Irune

- Item : Volus Fabrication Unuts

Cluster: Aru

Location: Planet Cherk Sab

  • Apien Crest:

Item: Artifact – Banner of the 1st Regiment

Cluster: Castellus

Location: Planet Digeris

  • Krogan DMZ:

No War Assets found


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    Mass Effect 3: War Asset Locations

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    1. Posted by Barry on March 10th, 2012, 03:35

      Athena Nebula:

      Item: Asari Research Ships

      Cluster: Orisoni

      Location: Planet Egalic

    2. Posted by Andy Griffiths on March 12th, 2012, 08:50

      Well if you want to muddle through 20+ pages be my guest, but I think reading this list is much easier.

      You’ll only find war assets on planets, not floating around in space, so you don’t need a screenshot to accompany each one.

      Just head for the planets…

    3. Posted by Alex Krasny on March 15th, 2012, 15:01

      This one is better:

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