Destiny: First Official Concept Art and Story Premise Revealed

Published on November 28th, 2012

More leaks, this time from a PR firm, reveal more about ’s first new IP since Halo.

We do have some sympathy for Bungie. The developer which gave the world Halo has experienced a lot of issues when it comes to keeping their next game under-wraps and today is no exception.

Destiny: First Official Concept Art and Story Premise Revealed

We can definitely sense a 'Halo meets Star Wars' vibe.

IGN has somehow got its grubby mitts on an internal PR document for Destiny which offers up the following information on the game’s premise:

“Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age,” reads the document. “A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it’s here for, but only that it’s our protector.

“Meanwhile, strange, alien monsters creep in from the edge of the universe, determined to take Earth and the Last City. We are young ‘knights’ tasked with defending the remains of humanity, discovering the source of these monsters and – eventually – overcoming it.”

Hmm sounds quite a bit like Halo to us, but then this is Bungie we’re talking about. Interestingly the document also goes on to describe Destiny as “fun and accessible to all” with the new universe being “as deep and relatable to that of the Star Wars franchise”.

The document doesn’t go as far to call Destiny an MMO, but it does say that gameplay is “social at its core” and that there’s “a world to explore with friends, both old and new”.

Interestingly rather than dispel this rumour and the associated concept art which accompanied the IGN article, Bungie posted a new piece of art on their official website with the following statement.

“Go ahead. Take a peek. It’s alright. We weren’t quite ready, but we will be soon, and we can’t wait to finally show you what we’ve really been up to”, reads the post which you can view here.

“Stick around, we haven’t even started yet.”

Understood Bungie, we’ll all find out more about their next work soon. Destiny is set to be released next year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a PC version surely in the works as well.

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    Destiny: First Official Concept Art and Story Premise Revealed

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