Defiance Retail Editions Detailed

Published on January 21st, 2013

Trion Worlds peels the wrapping off this shooter’s various different editions.

After months of speculation Trion Worlds has revealed that will indeed come to both online and offline stores in a variety of different editions – including regular, digital deluxe, collector’s edition and, say it with us, ULTIMATE!

Defiance will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, with every edition granting access to servers straight out of the box without any need to subscribe.

Every edition include its contents, title and price is listed below;

Defiance Retail Editions Detailed

Part MMO, part third-person shooter; Defiance is most easily described as a multiplayer paradise.

Defiance Pre-Order (£44.99 console, £34.99 PC) Bonuses Include:

  • Outlander outfit helps you blend in with the locals
  • Iron Demon title lets potential enemies know you are not to be messed with
  • Retailer Exclusive pre-order weapon that gives you a leg up out of the gate
  •  3-Day XP boost helps establish you on the battlefield
  • Beta Invitation – get in the game early!

Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition (£64.99 console, £54.99 PC) Includes:

  • Rare VBI Sentinel Shield helps you never let your guard down
  • In-game title:  Badlands Drifter
  • Ark Infiltrator outfit – look good while crackin’ skulls
  • Hydra heavy weapon helps you bring the boom early
  • +5 Increased inventory space – don’t leave home without it
  • 30-Day scrip boost – more everything!
  • 30-Day XP boost – level up faster!
  • Lock Box – sweet random rewards!

Defiance Collector’s Edition (£64.99 console, £54.99 PC), available only at GAME, includes the Digital Deluxe items and adds the following:

  • Unique Defiance Collectors Box
  • CD soundtrack – from legendary composer Bear McCreary
  • Exclusive Art of Defiance book – unique stills and never-before-seen renders
  • Exclusive Hellbug statue
  • An official Von Bach Industries contract
  • Defiance Post Cards and stickers
  • Bonus “Making of Defiance” DVD
  • 7-Day scrip boost
  • 7-Day XP boost

Defiance Ultimate Edition (£89.99 console, £79.99 PC), available only at Amazon:

  • Exclusive Defiance Messenger Bag
  • Exclusive in-game title: Pale Wars Ronin
  • One Year Season Pass (All DLC) for Xbox 360, Windows PC, and PlayStation®3 1200 Bits

Even though each edition has been attached to specific retailers in the UK, both Amazon and GAME have yet to update their online databases to allow players to pre-order each version. When that happens, we’ll add details of each edition and its price onto our price comparison website,

What version of Defiance takes your fancy? The Collector’s Edition sneaks it for us, simply because it has a soundtrack CD and isn’t too unfairly priced. We can do without a “Messenger Bag” thank you very much. For more information check out

Defiance will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this April.


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    Defiance Retail Editions Detailed

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    1. Posted by Jacob Green on February 3rd, 2013, 13:52

      I have to say this is fairly misleading to chose who haven’t looked into the game before reading this article. The Ultimate Edition includes everything from both the Collector’s and Limited edition over the game, save a couple of digital items.

    2. Posted by Andy Griffiths on February 3rd, 2013, 13:55

      We think so too, that’s why we’ll be publishing a ‘Where’s Best to Pre-Order Defiance’ article on our sister site, next week.

      Every big retailer wants their own exclusive edition of the ‘big’ games nowadays, which leads to a fair amount of marketplace confusion.

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