Codemasters Teases New Colin McRae Rally

Published on June 26th, 2013

It had better not be a mobile game…oh. [Updated]

Codemasters Teases New Colin McRae Rally

The image on the left is from Codemaster's twitter tease, while the right is the box art from 2.0. Don't they look very similar?

Codemasters are teasing the possibility of a new entry in the acclaimed Colin McRae Rally series, via an intriguing picture on their official Twitter Feed.

The artwork teased via @Codemasters features the same 1999-spec Ford Focus WRC which starred on the cover of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 released way back in 2000, and the font looks very similar to the one used on that game’s box-art as well.

Obviously we’re just throwing out estimated guesses to what this potential new game could be, but Codemasters’ senior games designer Ross Gowing previously hinted to us about the possibility of a future game focusing on a historical racing slant. We just assumed he was talking about the impending reveal of F1 2013, but perhaps something else is in the works?

Whatever the case, Codemasters will reveal all tomorrow. We have our fingers crossed that this isn’t some kind of mobile or tablet release, as we’ve gamers have been burnt by that calibre of tease before. Isn’t that right Deus Ex fans?

Update: Thanks to some clever journalism from Pocket Gamer, they checked New Zealand’s iOS store where it is already Thursday 27th June, we now know that this new game tease from Codemasters is in fact an iOS release titled Colin McRae Rally for iPad and iPhone. So we were kind of right…

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    Codemasters Teases New Colin McRae Rally

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