GRID 2: Cockpit Cam Removed to Appease Console Owners

Published on March 5th, 2013

The multi-format curse strikes again.

In an exclusive interview inside this month’s issue of FirstLook Magazine, ′s senior producer Vincent Meulle has confirmed that the reason cockpit view isn’t featured in the sequel is purely down to technological constraints associated with the current generation of consoles.

We asked Vincent what it was like to be part of Codemasters during the community backlash associated with the removal of the cockpit cam last August, culminating in a public statement released by the studio, and he had this to say.

GRID 2: Cockpit Cam Removed to Appease Console Owners

Just imagine how good GRID 2 would look if it was a PC-only title.

“The thing is that [removal of the cockpit view] was a really big decision for us. It allows us to be able to push other things in the game, like with the visuals. We’ve been able to extend point-to-point events, we’ve been able to add more cars to the track, and that’s really pushing things forward. It’s a good decision for the game and we don’t regret it,” stated Mr Muelle.

“We have complete respect for those that use a cockpit cam, but we need to look at the whole aspect of the game. If we just had to do this game for PC we obviously would have a cockpit cam, but we only have so much power to play with [referring to consoles]. We’d prefer to focus on the race experience, and that unfortunately lead us to make some difficult decisions regarding the cockpit cam.”

It would be easy for PC fans to feel a little aggrieved that the aging Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are holding back the scope and ambition of GRID 2. That said, when you see the sequel in action it’s clear that visually at least, GRID 2 is a substantial step up from its predecessor boasting impressive visual effects, an extended view distance, a more responsive handling model and crucially more detailed cars and tracks.

The jury is still out on whether these improvements will make up for the lack of a proper cockpit view, but with the impending release of new Microsoft and Sony platforms the good news is that the development of multi-format titles will soon no longer be held back by out of date hardware.

To read more about the design philosophy behind GRID 2 and how the sequel is shaping up check out this month’s issue of FirstLook embedded below:


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    GRID 2: Cockpit Cam Removed to Appease Console Owners

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