“No one is bored of Spider-Man” says Beenox

Published on June 25th, 2012

“Every time we work on a Spider-Man game, it’s something different,” said Lead game designer.No one is bored of Spider Man says Beenox

Spider-Man studio Beenox has said it hasn’t tired of working on Spider-Man games after completing its third consecutive game in the Marvel hero’s franchise.

The Activision-owned developer recently finished work on movie tie-in which follows The Edge of Time and Shattered Dimension games in 2011 and 2010.

Speaking exclusively with GamerZines, Beenox’s lead game designer Rodolphe Recca explained why the studio is still enjoying making games for your friendly nighbourhood Spider-Man.

“Spider-Man is a great character and he has so many possibilities that each game is different,” said Recca.

Recca explained that the Beenox team is split in two and that work on The Amazing Spider-Man game began two years ago when the studio was preparing to ship Shattered Dimensions and was in developing Edge of Time.

“Every time we work on a Spider-Man game, it’s something different. It’ll be the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man soon and no one is bored of that character. He is human, he has feeling but he has these responsibilities and these powers. He’s limitless.”

Recca told GamerZines it does not know what future the Canadian studio will have with the Marvel hero following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man.

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    No one is bored of Spider Man says Beenox

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    1. Posted by Christoffer Treyz on June 25th, 2012, 11:37

      well, i am :)

    2. Posted by alonzo maxwell on February 13th, 2014, 20:18

      Goodday Beenox Developers. Your expertise in the spiderman franchise is a much needed improvement to the precision of future spiderman gaming. Shattered dimensions opened up a long awaited whirlpool of new costumes and characteristics of the web-head. Also the diverse combat was enduring as well. The New introduction of web rush in amazing spiderman was a God Sent mechanic and as you can see you’ve made a lot of fans with these renovations. New Graphics and combat style gameplay in addition to counter and stealth mechanics are all the major stepping stones mandatory for an excelling piece involved around spidermans universe. My only insight is that as for myself as well as the ENTIRE web slinging community, webs down the best spiderman game quality Is Spiderman 2. The web swinging,free roaming open world vastness, and extensive Variety and EPICNESS of boss battles,combat skills and upgrades Are still to this day unparalleled. So my question to you, Beenox developers, is can you bring home Spiderman 2,s gaming prowess with just a dash of Amazing blessed into it? I have no complaints, just requests.

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