Next Three Battlefield 3 Expansions Detailed

Published on March 8th, 2012

The first expansion is dubbed ‘Close Quarters’ and will arrive in June.

During a talk at GDC, DICE has revealed that they currently have three expansions in development for their hugely successful competitive multiplayer shooter, .

The news was picked up by Eurogamer who’ve reported that like the previous expansion ‘Back to Karkland’ the next three will boast new weapons, maps and in some cases new vehicles.

Next Three Battlefield 3 Expansions Detailed

The first piece of promo art.

The first expansion is ‘Close Quarters’ and will, as the name suggests, focus on short-range combat with maps centred on indoor environments which hinge on vertical scope rather than lateral. The expansion will be released this June and will include ten new weapons and four new maps, with the PlayStation 3 getting the new content a week before both the Xbox 360 and PC.

The next expansion is called ‘Armored Kill’ and will focus on tank combat, offering up the largest map DICE has ever produced in the Battlefield series, as well as a new vehicle.

Last but not least the final add-on will be dubbed ‘End Game’ and DICE are being very coy about the contents, although the Swedish developer has hinted that gamers will be very excited when they learn of the expansion’s contents.

All of the aforementioned expansions have been pegged for release this year.

Previous Battlefield games have always been supported with hefty expansions post-release and it’s good to know that DICE aren’t shying away from past precedent.

Here’s hoping a few Battlefield 2142-inspired mechs get thrown into the equation.



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    Next Three Battlefield 3 Expansions Detailed

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