What War of the Roses Looks Like When Played By Pros

Published on June 19th, 2012

30 minutes of unedited action from the final at Dreamhack makes its way online.

What War of the Roses Looks Like When Played By Pros

A word of warning; don't take a dump in a suit of armour that doesn't belong to you. The owner won't be impressed...

If we had to pick only one multiplayer experience that we’re relishing the opportunity to play this year, it would be .

Fatshark’s historically accurate medieval combat game is completely different from its peers, placing more of an emphasis on close combat than pew-pewing someone from miles away. Case in point the recent War of the Roses competitive final from Europe’s biggest LAN event, Dreamhack, where two teams fought against each other to win $5000. The fighting was fierce and the commentary, well, it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. Footage of the final is well worth watching, even if you just want to grasp exactly what War of the Roses is all about.

Fortunately enough, the event is covered in its entirity in the video below. We advise you to skip to the fifty minute mark to avoid all the preamble and get to the gameplay, unless of course you like listening to copious amounts of Swedish dubstep and the almighty Pendulum.

The choice is yours…

Watch live video from Official DreamHack Stream on TwitchTV


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    What War of the Roses Looks Like When Played By Pros

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