Ubisoft Apologise for Far Cry 3 Server Issues

Published on November 30th, 2012

PC launch marred by connectivity issues.

Ubisoft Apologise for Far Cry 3 Server Issues

If only these issues could be quashed like an overly aggressive cheetah.

Oh digital distribution platforms, you are fussy little blighters aren’t you? Ever since the introduction of Steam ruined the arrival of Counter-Strike 1.6, PC gamers have been sceptical of launches of new publisher-specific distribution mechanisms.

EA’s Origin service still attracts the anger of many online folk and now you can add Ubisoft’s uPlay to that list as the service is currently stopping players saving their single-player progress in .

“Dear #FarCry3PC players we’re very sorry for the server issue affecting your access to the game. We’re working as fast as possible to fix it,” states an update care of Ubisoft’s Twitter feed.

It’s worth noting these issues can be sidestepped by selecting offline mode in the uPlay settings, but then you’ll be missing out on the in-game leaderboard functionality for the Rakyat Challenges, opportunities for co-op and competitive play.

No doubt these issues are a massive shame for a game which is otherwise an overwhelming success according to our in-depth review, but console versions are seemingly unaffected.

Most digital distribution services have teething problems at launch, but uPlay has been around for over a year at this point and frankly these issues shouldn’t be happening any more. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that even if you purchase Far Cry 3 via Steam, you always need to log into the uPlay service in order to play the game.

uPlay does have some nice ideas like being able to spend achievement points to unlock in-game content, but these sorts of problems undo all that nifty functionality.

We hope these issues with Far Cry 3 are rectified quickly.


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    Ubisoft Apologise for Far Cry 3 Server Issues

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