Strike Suit Zero Gets Massive Patch

Published on March 5th, 2013

Cockpit view a-hoy! Among other new additions.

Strike Suit Zero Gets Massive Patch

Yay cockpit views!

After listening intently to the Strike Suit Zero community, Born Ready Games has released a massive patch for their hardcore space shooter.

Highlights of this new update include the addition of new high-resolution cockpit views for every ship in the game, new difficulty modes, a reworked targetting system and (thank the maker) the ability to save progress mid-mission.

Strike Suit Zero was released exclusively on PC last January to a somewhat middling reception. Here’s hoping this update’s numerous improvements help curry favour with gamers, as even though the space shooter’s gameplay is traditional, its campaign is still an excellent companion to genre classics like X-Wing and Wing Commander.

For full patch details check out the video below:


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    Strike Suit Zero Gets Massive Patch

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