SimCity Mod Allows Unlimited Offline Play

Published on March 14th, 2013

The city is about to hit the fan.

SimCity Mod Allows Unlimited Offline Play

The plot thickens...

After last week’s disasterous launch of SimCity, many gamers across the world have damned the release’s online all the time infrastructure as an annoyance they don’t want to be tied to. Thanks to the ingenuity of one modder that’s now a real possibility thanks to a nifty workaround to access ’s debug mode.

According to AzzerUK, he’s posted a video as proof, players can access a special mode in SimCity to play offline in perpetuity without being kicked out to the main menu, tinker with environment terraforming and place down road networks outside of city boundaries. Not only that but the modder also explains in a short post on Reddit that he’s also re-adjusted the population count so that it actually represents the number of sims in your city – handy that.

It’s worth noting that we haven’t tried accessing the developer mode ourselves, but the workaround has been confirmed to work by others in the Reddit’s SimCity network.

Maxis has previously explained that SimCity has been build with modding in mind, so it’s going to be very interesting to see how both they and Electronic Arts respond to this tinkering with their technology. We can see this going two ways – either Maxis embrace players accessing SimCity’s dev-mode and patch in some kind of toolset to make it more readily available or they start banning accounts for fiddling with their tech.

Here’s hoping the former scenario comes true…



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    SimCity Mod Allows Unlimited Offline Play

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