New SimCity Developer Diary Showcases Multi-City Play

Published on December 11th, 2012

Having trouble with crime in your fair city? Time to get help from a friend.

New SimCity Developer Diary Showcases Multi City Play

Time to mould city life in a way that speaks to you.

There’s no doubt that the next version of will be the most social yet, with a new multiplayer framework and the ability for players to run multiple cities themselves with the option to delegate duties to a friend online.

Obviously this functionality involves an active internet connection throughout, but the latest developer diary for SimCity shows that the online-all-the-time trade-off might actually be worth while (as long as you have a reliable network).

The latest developer diary features SimCity’s lead designer Stone Librande showcasing the benefits of multi-city play like previous trailers for the city management sequel, the gameplay looks a lot of fun!

Since this news story went live, EA has confirmed that any one player region in SimCity can boast up to 16 cities, all of which can be controlled by a single player or delegated to another. That’s a lot of paper work!


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    New SimCity Developer Diary Showcases Multi City Play

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