SimBin’s RaceRoom Enters Open Beta

Published on January 31st, 2013

GTR 3 still in production folks, but try this in the meantime.

After a considerable amount of time in private testing, ’s RaceRoom Racing Experience has finally entered Open Beta today allowing any racer to try out the sim for themselves, via Steam.

SimBins RaceRoom Enters Open Beta

Giving away the 'Judd 134' for free is very generous on SimBin's part.

RaceRoom utilises SimBin’s latest in-house tech, including a new handling model, sound engine and graphics engine. It seems as though RaceRoom is going for the ‘soft launch’ approach with five cars (134 BMW Judd car, Canhard R52, Saleen S7R, Aquila CR1 Sports GT and DMD P20) and two fictional circuits (Raceroom Raceway and Lakeview Hillclimb) available out of the box, and more available via the in-game store with Virtual Race Points (vRP).

During the first two weeks of the Beta, SimBin are offering players the Get Real game mode and Apex Hunt tool as a thank you to all those that tested the game. Additionally all content in the game store will be priced substantially cheaper than RaceRoom’s online competition, with car and track content ranging from just 2 EUR to 5.5 EUR.

SimBins RaceRoom Enters Open Beta

All kinds of different GT vehicles feature.

SimBin are still hard at work on GTR 3 though, this is just another revenue stream for the Swedish studio.

The racing sim arena is experiencing somewhat of a revival, with celebrated favourite iRacing recently joined by SimRaceway and rFactor 2, and now RaceRoom is getting thrown into the mix. SimBin undoubtedly have the pedigree to stand out in this competitive genre, having previously produced GT Legends, Race 07 and the GTR series. It’ll be very interesting to see how their latest endeavour fares.

Check out the recently released intro cinematic for RaceRoom Evolution – look out for a touching yet fleeting tribute to the late, great master of the Hillclimb, Georg Plasa.

R3E Open Beta Intro from Simbin Studios AB on Vimeo.

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    SimBins RaceRoom Enters Open Beta

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