ShootMania and TrackMania 2 Finally Hit Steam

Published on February 27th, 2013

French developer Nadeo reconsiders their position regarding Valve’s service.

As surprising as a car plummeting from the cosmos onto your lap, Nadeo has announced that Storm, Canyon and Stadium have arrived on Steam today.

ShootMania and TrackMania 2 Finally Hit Steam

ShootMania Storm is currently in Open Beta and it's a refreshingly straightforward multiplayer shooter.

Previously the French developer, which is owned by Ubisoft, elected to keep their more recent games off Valve’s service in order to “control” every aspect of the user experience, at least that’s what Nadeo Anne Blondel-Jouin told us last July,but today it appears that stance has changed dramatically.

“This partnership with Steam’s worldwide publishing platform allows us to introduce ShootMania Storm and all of the ManiaPlanet games and services to an even wider audience of PC gamers in the world. As a matter of fact, it is key to us that as many players as possible join the actual growing community so that everybody gets maximum fun with the game” said Anne Blondel-Jouin, Nadeo Publishing’s managing director.

ShootMania and TrackMania 2 Finally Hit Steam

TrackMania 2 Canyon was the first Nadeo game to launch exclusively on ManiaPlanet, and finally it's arrived on Steam!

“Through Steam, we’ll make “competition for everyone” a dream come true for more gamers and map-and-mod makers who all create the user-generated content and activity that make ShootMania Storm so attractive and innovative on the FPS PC competitive field,” she added.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank whole-heartedly the players who have already joined ShootMania Storm frenzyness and to welcome warmly the new comers: we’re looking forward to seeing all of them on the servers.”

ShootMania and TrackMania 2 Finally Hit Steam

TrackMania Stadium is set to be released this summer and but you can play the open beta right now!

So are we Anne, so are we! We’ve been having a blast with ShootMania’s Open Beta thus far and even though some tweaking still remains to be done, it’s clear that this shooter is the closest thing gamers currently have to a new Unreal Tournament. A bit of a left-field comparison to be sure, but an apt one.

Previously both ShootMania Storm and TrackMania 2 Storm and TrackMania 2 Stadium were exclusive to Nadeo’s own ManiaPlanet service, but today gamers can snap up all three titles for the 10% off the usual price.

Interestingly all those that pre-order ShootMania Storm or TrackMania 2 Stadium will be granted access to each game’s Open Betas, both of which are live right now. To get a taste of both of these stunning looking releases, check out the trailers below:

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    ShootMania and TrackMania 2 Finally Hit Steam

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