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Published on June 27th, 2012

Sharpen up your reflexes, a new multiplayer shooter is coming to town.

Ubisoft has announced that the beta registration process for is now live, with players able to confirm their interest via the game’s official website.

All those who register will get a key, but the kicker is the process closes on Monday, July 2nd. Unfortunately a start data for the testing process hasn’t been unveiled, but whenever it does launch it’ll run for seven days and include the following content:

  • Joust: 1v1
  • Elite: 3v3
  • Siege: 5v5
  • Melee: Free for All
  • Royal: Free for All with the dome over the map shrinking
  • Battle: Team vs. Team, no size restriction
  • Time Attack: Perfect for training

ShootMania Storm is Nadeo’s attempt to revolutionise the FPS genre in a similar manner to what they accomplished with the fantastic racing franchise TrackMania, with an undying commitment to offering players the tools they need to create, share and enjoy new experiences utilising a unified framework.

Expect a lengthy preview of this exciting multiplayer experience in the next issue of PCGZine.


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    Sign Up to the ShootMania Storm Beta Now

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