Free GAT V DLC for Saints Row IV

Published on September 17th, 2013

Volition pay tribute to their own open-world rockstar!

Free GAT V DLC for Saints Row IV

Oh Volition, you're so silly!

Cementing their place as gaming’s cheekiest developer, Volition has today released a free piece of DLC for the PC version of , parodying today’s other big almighty launch .

The new content in question is titled GAT V (get it?) and features new clothing items dedicated to long time Saints Row characters Johnny Gat and Aisha, as well as two new weapons – heavy machine gun and combat knight launcher.

Unfortunately GAT V is only free to PC owners of Saints Row IV and at time of writing the content is exclusive to Steam.

Still, seeing as Grand Theft Auto V isn’t launching on PC for the foreseeable future, it’s nice that Volition and Deep Silver have come together to offer mouse and keyboard fans something to keep their fingers busy while their console cousins are having a different breed of open world fun.

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    Free GAT V DLC for Saints Row IV

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