Hard Reset Extended Ed Preview

Published on February 19th, 2012

Hard Reset Extended Ed PreviewIf you like cyberpunk and have a passion for fast-paced old-school shooters, the likelihood is you’ve already heard of . The latest endeavour from the creators of the similarly bizarre yet awesome Painkiller was tragically overlooked when it hit Steam last year. This was in part due to that fact that it came out a matter of weeks before Battlefield 3, but mainly due to a criminally short campaign.

If that glaring flaw was the only reason you missed out on this beautiful first-person shooter then you’re in luck, as the repackaged Extended Edition adds some really fantastic content to the campaign. Crucially the five newly added levels, which boost the running time from five hours to seven, slot in seamlessly to the middle of the plot, explaining some more of the back story associated with the man versus machine conflict.

Once again you’re in the role of the ever-silent Major Fletcher, placed on
the outskirts of the last human city of Bazoar, searching the ruins of an out of commission weapons factory. The whys and wherefores of why you’ve wandered into this facility – which is riddled with AI-controlled menaces – isn’t terribly important, instead you must blast through these five aesthetically varied levels with only some brief written dialogue to offer some sorely needed content.

There’s a back-story associated with the robotic enemy crafting a new technologically advanced unit, but honestly this tiny morsel of plot is just there to facilitate some truly excellent FPS gameplay.


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    Hard Reset Extended Ed Preview

    GRID Autosport, The Evil Within, Valiant Hearts, Space Hulk, Supraball and Homefront: The Revolution star in this intriguingly varied issue of our free-to-read .

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