DiRT Showdown First Look

Published on February 18th, 2012

DiRT Showdown First Look

What’s the story?

Despite being a very accomplished racing game, there was something missing from DiRT 3. Its focus on bringing historic rally back to life while emulating the Winter X Games, left us out in the cold. We wanted more of the colourful carnival experience the second game in the series offered. Thankfully Codemasters has listened to the complaints from more of their casual-minded fans and are offering up , an experience focused on destruction derby and Gymkhana.

Oh no, not more Ken Block!

Don’t be like that. The guy who popularised Gymkhana is a legend in the motor-racing world, and his souped up Ford Fiesta is back with a selection of other licensed motors to race around in. The Gymkhana mode’s still all about performing audacious tricks and racking up points, but the controls have been tweaked to make it easier to master the speedy art form.

There are also two destruction derby modes: 8 Ball sees police cars, hot rods, hearses, vans and more racing on tracks deliberately designed to cause mayhem with crossovers and jumps, whereas Rampage is a more standard bowl-orientated experience, with a scoring dynamic to reward you when you hit a competitor’s side-panel hard, or take them out altogether. To make these modes even more eventful, Codies have also tweaked the AI and improved damage modelling, so races prove more eventful and unpredictable.

Anything else to declare?

Despite being a spin-off, DiRT Showdown will still pack the same amount of content as previous entries in the series with more modes, and another featured racing discipline to be revealed closer to launch. Online play will support up to eight players and there will be a fully decked out career mode with upgradable cars and four different tiers to progress through. DiRT 4 is already in development, but we find ourselves both intrigued and excited about this new direction for this traditionally sim-orientated franchise. Expect to learn more very soon.


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    DiRT Showdown First Look

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