Wireless OnLive MicroConsole

Published on September 27th, 2011

A wireless version of the MicroConsole is in the works, has told GamerZines.

“Like many platforms we’ll have a wireless version a little bit down the road, but right now it’s wired,” said OnLive’s VP of Games & Media John Spinale, talking to us last week.

So why didn’t OnLive ship a wireless version of the MicroConsole at launch? Spinale reckons it’s to do with connection reliability.

“Since wireless is a little less reliable than wired we’d rather play it safe and make sure that everyone’s got a good connection.

“The connectivity is the essence of this experience. Without connectivity there is no OnLive.”

OnLive is a new cloud-based gaming platform that lets players buy or rent games, and uses a low-latency streaming solution to render the game at maximum settings without the user requiring hefty hardware.

For example, provided you have a decent internet connection, you could be playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the highest settings on a 10 year old computer.

The MicroConsole, which lets you access the service through your TV, currently lacks an integrated wireless option, forcing users to hook it up to the internet via an Ethernet connection and creating a big barrier of entry to those who keep their modem/router at a distance from their televisions.

OnLive launched in the UK last week.


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    Wireless OnLive MicroConsole

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