V1 Championship Now Free

Published on January 20th, 2012

In a surprising move , an initiative to find the next racing prodigy, has been made available for free via the game’s official website shirking its £39.95 asking price.

Unfortunately the exciting programme, which we first covered before Christmas, wasn’t as popular as anticipated so the organisers have refunded all those who originally purchased the game and are now offering it as a free piece of simulation software.

The grand prize, earning a drive in the Renault Clio Championship, is still available only it’s now for the 2013 season rather than this year as previously stated.

“We are postponing the offline shoot-out element of V1 for a year due to feedback we received from V1 purchasers and polls we conducted at the Autosport Show. We felt that racing fans buying V1 were being treated unfairly because pro drivers were coming in to the competition paying the same money and comprehensively beating the gaming community. We have fully refunded our current users and will restructure our pricing in line with our customer research and into a novice, amateur and pro format,” stated Jay Marshall, V1 Championship’s founder.

“V1′s mission is and will always be to provide racing opportunities to all no matter what your financial or social background. In March we will start our 2012 season. If you want to have a say in how V1 is shaped for the future please go to the forum where in a weeks’ time you be able to steer everything from pricing to the online qualify format.”

This announcement is a real pity, especially as Jason Plato seemed so excited about the initiative when we interviewed for the latest issue of PCGZine.

That said, we’re sure after a very successful project last year, V1 Championship will bounce back over the coming months.


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    V1 Championship Now Free

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