Tribes Ascend FreetoPlay

Published on June 28th, 2011

The developer behind Tribes: Ascend has confirmed to IGN that the multiplayer-only shooter will adopt a free-to-play revenue model.

Hi-Rez, the studio behind Global Agenda, revealed that gamers will be to enjoy the game for no cost, as well as improve their combative experience by purchasing new equipment and load-outs for a small fee.

Balance will be key to this multiplayer shooter’s success and even though it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what difference these premium items will make to the overall experience, we don’t expect them to offer a game-breaking advantage.

In addition to this news a new trailer of the next installment of this iconic series was also released, and can be viewed here.

The gameplay looks frenetic to say the least, and it seems to successfully emulate the same themes which made the Tribes series so special. Jetpacks for everyone!

Tribes: Ascend will launch exclusively for PC later this year.


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    Tribes Ascend FreetoPlay

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