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Published on December 12th, 2010

As much as we love the Video Game Awards and its glitzy game revealing trailers, it would be nice if there was more gameplay on show rather than pre-rendered cinematics which rarely tally up with the experience any game actually offers.

So this week we’d thought we’d mix up our regular editorial spotlight and give gameplay videos some overdue appreciation. Here we go…

: Top 10 Luckiest Kills

Machinima Respawn has chronicled the crazier multiplayer games for sometime and as much as we love campaign-orientated experiences nothing can compare to the unpredictability of some online games. This specific series has been around since Reach launched in October, but we only discovered it this week and this video has subsequently been forwarded to everyone we know! A great showcase which proves just how talented Bungie are at crafting great playgrounds for gamers to run amuck in.

MovieNations Rave On!

Another beloved shooter, but one which has been around for much longer. 1.6 is still a PC favourite and there are thousands of gameplay videos around the net, but we guarantee that you’ve never seen any like this one. The skills on show are impressive, but what really surprised us was the high level of the production values. Even if you’ve never played this is essential viewing.

– Alpha Gameplay Teaser

If there is one thing modern multiplayer games are missing it’s Dinosaurs. GamerZines has been keeping an eye on this promising mod from Lukewarm Media for some time and finally it seems the class-based monsters versus humans gameplay is beginning to come together. This clip details two of the games classes – dino raptors and human heavys – and needless to say it’s looking great!

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    Something for Sunday VGA Edit

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