Shogun 2 Standalone Expansion

Published on November 28th, 2011

SEGA has announced that Total War: Shogun 2 is getting its own standalone expansion, titled ‘Fall of the Samurai’.

The new chapter in the series will include six new playable clans who will need to “deal with” the foreign powers of America, Britain and France in addition to competing domestic factions.

An improved campaign map is also being teased, along with new building and technology trees including railways and naval bombardments. This increased emphasis on sea battles also boasts ten new ship types including Ironclad class battleships, steamers and torpedo boats.

What’s most exciting however is that players can use ships in land battles to call in extra artillery strikes!

Speaking of land, there will be thirty new units for armies, one of which involves the infamous Gatling gun armament.

This new chapter for Shogun 2 is being billed as a huge upgrade to the original game and is scheduled for release during March next year.


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    Shogun 2 Standalone Expansion

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