Salvatore Games Arent Art Yet

Published on March 9th, 2011

The ‘games as art’ debate has been around for decades and even though a few readers may groan at the mere mention of it, it’s always nice to hear what proven artists think. Recently we got to ask best selling fantasy author R. A. Salvatore what he thought and his answer was surprisingly forthright.

"I agree with Roger Ebert when he said video games aren’t art, but I thought he was very short sighted in the fact that they soon will be. The better the technology, the less clunky they get, the more immersive they will become and the more they will resemble art," he explained.

"For me, this is the next great storytelling medium. We’re going to have our books, our movies, our TV shows and we’re going to have our video games.

"I’ve been feeling like a director in twenties, standing not at the front but not too far past the crest of a wave that’s coming towards the shore which will change the world. I’m not going to fall on the wrong end of that, this was a really exciting opportunity and it came at the right time!"

R. A. Salvatore is commonly acknowledged as one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors and he’s working with Ken Rolston and Todd McFarlane at Big Huge Games to ensure the success of a new fantasy franchise, .

The series first title, dubbed Reckoning, will be out next year and revolves around the existence of a resurrection artefact known as the Well of Souls, which can bring people back to life. Whether Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will add something to the ‘games as art’ debate wasn’t something Mr Salvatore was willing to dismiss:

"I hope so, but that’ll be determined post-mortem!," he exclaimed. "The hard work, I believe in my heart and soul, will pay-off in these games, but I can’t prove that until it is in peoples hands. Whether it is Reckoning or the MMO we’ve codenamed Copernicus, to me the hard work will pay off."

Well if nothing else the story in Reckoning is sure to be top notch. To read more of this fascinating interview follow the link on the right.


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    Salvatore Games Arent Art Yet

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