No Mining in Mass Effect 3

Published on November 25th, 2011

In this month’s issue of PCGZine we spoke to the general manager of BioWare Edmonton to discuss exactly how development of is coming along and one of his answers to a question about mining particularly took us by surprise.

We asked the studio head how exactly mining would feature in the third chapter, after all the last two games have tackled gathering resources in vastly different ways, and he had this to say.

“I think what I’d say to that is that if you have an entire galaxy at war with the Reapers, you probably have better things to do than mine planets for resources,” explained Mr Flynn.

Unfortunately the passionate GM didn’t go into exactly what that means for Mass Effect 3, but it would be easy to surmise that mining may not make its way into the game at all.

The original Mass Effect’s mining gameplay was met with complaints due to a reliance on the love it or hate it Mako vehicle, whereas the second game involved players shooting probes towards a planet’s surface from an orbital viewpoint.

After the issues associated with both approaches, would most players care if this mining component was taken out of the game entirely?

We’ll leave the answer to that question entirely up to you.

To read the rest of this illuminating interview, please download this month’s edition of PCGZine.


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    No Mining in Mass Effect 3

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