Magicka Vietnam Due In Month

Published on March 2nd, 2011

The CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios Johan Pilestedt has explained to Joystiq that fans can expect the recently announced Vietnam themed expansion in a "about a month."

Yesterday the existence of the surprising add-on was confirmed by a humorous trailer which took the internet by storm, due to its sheer audacity and funny content. However that doesn’t mean it’ll be all laughs and ice cream in Magicka Vietnam.

"Obviously, we have to focus purely on the fun aspects of the Vietnam War: rock music and cool explosions. The actual Vietnam War was a horrible war," assured Pilestedt.

So more Cannon Fodder and less Call of Duty, sounds great!

Magicka was released last month to a somewhat turbulent start with numerous network and stability issues, but its unique spell-casting system and fantasy charms still shone through.

Here’s hoping the forthcoming expansion can do the same…


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    Magicka Vietnam Due In Month

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