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Published on August 12th, 2011

Remember ? The next big project in development at Petroglyph Games, the developer consisting of former staffers from now defunct Westwood Studios. Well they’ve announced, in collaboration with publisher Trion Worlds, that their online-centric RTS will utilise a free-to-play model.

Players will gain access to the entire game without paying a penny including fifty player plus co-op, story-based campaign, 52 player multiplayer skirmishes and the persistent ‘Conquer the World’ battle map where factions are perpetually fighting to claim ownership of certain countries in an accurate recreation of a war-ravaged globe.

It was long believed that End of Nations would utilise a traditional subscription model, much like Trion World’s other online project Rift, but according to an FAQ on the game’s official website it wasn’t conducive to the way the game is structured:

“For a premium strategy game like End of Nations, we really wanted to bring as many players as possible into its massive-scale strategic warfare. And the more we looked at the enormous battles and huge persistent world, we realized that the success of End of Nations would be driven by having thousands of players from around the globe battling daily in the world’s biggest strategy game.”

As per usual with free-to-play endeavours there will be an opportunity for gamers to subscribe if they wish, although the benefits have yet to be revealed, and there will be an in-game shop to purchase customisation and convenience items, but Petroglyph are adamant that ‘pay to win’ items won’t be sold.

End of Nations is still expected to be released before the end of the year.


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    End of Nations FreetoPlay

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