Brink Expert Shooter

Published on March 28th, 2011

Anyone who plays modern shooters knows the pain of just starting out in multiplayer; everyone knows the maps better than you, they have better equipment and often superior abilities. This trend is something Splash Damage are working actively against in their next title and lead writer, Ed Stern, has revealed exactly how the studio plans to execute their intent.

"If you’ve played as a clan and you’re sort of an expert player, think of how many skills you’ve acquired there: you know the maps, you know the routes, you know all of the objectives, you know everyone’s class, you know what class you have to be, all of that stuff!" revealed industry-veteran Stern in an exclusive interview with Video Game Writers.

"You shouldn’t have to be an expert to play a shooter. We made the game an expert instead. The game is always scanning what’s going on. It always knows what the most useful thing you could do in that moment is. If you hold ‘up’ on the d-pad, we will turn you to face where you should go and what you should do; and that’s what we give you the most XP for."

How exactly players are made aware of the situation in any given match is delivered via the UI, which constantly displays hints detailing where individuals should go and what class abilities they can use to ensure their team’s success.

Brink still has a selection of weapons and abilities which unlock when players accumulate the necessary amount of XP, but we’re assuming from Stern’s comments that these perks don’t offer an unfair advantage over the standard abilities.

To find out more about Splash Damage’s new shooter be sure to read the April edition of PCGZine which is out this Thursday.


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    Brink Expert Shooter

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