Nadeo: ShootMania Not Coming To Steam

Published on July 10th, 2012

“Buying the game is the first part of the player experience”

Nadeo: ShootMania Not Coming To Steam

Don't expect any Steam achievements folks.

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, Nadeo Live’s managing director Anne Blondel-Jouin has stated that will not be available via Steam or any other digital distributor, aside from the developer’s own ManiaPlanet service.

This news follows a particularly strong showing of Nadeo’s next big multiplayer-only effort at the PC-only show Rezzed. Nadeo’s next big release focuses onthe tried-and-tested competitive multiplayer shooter format which allows gamers to not only enjoy fast-paced FPS combat, which is more than a little influenced by Quake, but also all the creative tools they’ve come to expect from the studio which is also behind the TrackMania series.

Why any developer would want their wares to not feature on Steam, the PC platform’s most popular digital distribution service, may be difficult to understand, but according to Nadeo it’s all about controlling the player experience right from the get-go.

“Actually we feel like buying the game is the first step of the player experience, so we want players to feel at home when they buy ShootMania,” explained Nadeo Live’s charismatic chief.

“We want them to enter the ManiaPlanet universe as soon as buy, so no we won’t be available on Steam. We’ll keep on being available via the ManiaPlanet store.”

These policy isn’t new, after all TrackMania 2 Canyon is also noticeably absent from any distribution service other than Nadeo’s own. A pity really, as first person shooters inevitably draw in more people than perhaps racing games do, and we suspect that some gamers may be put off by not being able to use their own favourite online store.

It is worth noting that Nadeo are one of the most community-centric developers on the planet, and if enough of their fans demand it, who knows? Maybe a Steam version could be on the cards.

For the sake of accessibility alone, it would be nice for every developer to use one single online distributor to sell their games, but with a studio as unique as Nadeo you can understand why their determined nature to do things their own way extends to how and where their wares are sold. If this means that they get to keep all their profit internally and not fill Valve’s already full coffers, who are we to argue? It’s time to vote with your wallets people!

ShootMania Storm is currently in Closed Beta and will be released exclusively on PC later this year.


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    Nadeo: ShootMania Not Coming To Steam

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    1. Posted by PissedOffFan on July 17th, 2012, 22:50

      The fact I´ve been unable to get into Trackmania2 since the beta ended I´m not even considering Shootmania.

      Nadeo has been forgotten.

    2. Posted by Kenny on July 25th, 2012, 10:25

      Im sick of the developers forcing gamers to use there crappy download services and game managers.
      I mean just look how bad “origin” and “uplay” are ? utter garbage and more user names and passwords to remember and then install the badly coded manager application that wants to “manage” your game ?
      We have Steam it works well.
      no steam, no sale there loss not mine.

    3. Posted by Dillon Curry on September 3rd, 2012, 14:58

      I really like nadeo’s games but they are silly to not put all of their games on steam and other services and it is disappointing because they are keeping millions of new people from playing their games.

    4. Posted by Alysa Lane on March 10th, 2013, 08:37

      Well, this is awkward.

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