MechWarrior Online Update Brings New Mechs, Map and Mode

Published on December 19th, 2012

Say hello to the Twin Dragons.

MechWarrior Online Update Brings New Mechs, Map and Mode

This little guy looks as though he's just stepped out of Warhammer 40k.

Development on is continuing at a breakneck pace with Piranha Games adding a new map, mode and three different mechs in a new update added to servers last night.

The new Conquest Mode may sound like the update’s biggest draw, adding a territory control match type to the existing deathmatch and assault options, but for us the most monumental change is the new reward structure. Now players who utilise trial mechs will be given the same amount of rewards as those who’ve bought their walking tank, and across the board bonuses for completed matches have been increased to address the complaint that the game is currently too skewed towards pay-to-win.

Two new Hero Mechs dubbed ‘Twin Dragons’ were also added to the game in addition to a new Stalker Assault varient, and also a new version of the urban map River City was released to further bulk out this bumper update.

With both Hawken and MechWarrior Online currently in Open Beta, the mech scene has gone from non-existant to immensely popular in the space of a few months. Here’s hoping that popularity continues its upward trend.


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    MechWarrior Online Update Brings New Mechs, Map and Mode

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