Makers of Surgeon Simulator 2013 Deny Existence of Half Life 3 ARG

Published on June 28th, 2013

Bossa Studios there’s a storm heading your way…

The makers of  have poured cold water on red hot speculation that a recent Team Fortress 2-themed update to their game was part of an ongoing Half Life 3-related ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

Makers of Surgeon Simulator 2013 Deny Existence of Half Life 3 ARG

What could it mean? Well it's nothing to do with Half Life 3, we know that for a start.

Valve worked with independent developers at length to produce the Potato Sack ARG back in 2011 with an intent to reveal Portal 2, and it was understood that a curious puzzle placed carefully in a Team Fortress 2-themed level of  Surgeon Simulator 2013 (pictured on the right) was associated with a new endeavour to reveal Half Life 3. Bonkers we know, but fans like to get excited and who can blame them? Half Life is one of the most beloved franchises on the planet, and a new entry in that series would be a very exciting proposition indeed.

“Whoa! It seems that you’ve got a little ahead of yourselves! Here’s a clue: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY VALVE GAMES! Carry on now,” explained Bossa Studios’ official Twitter feed after being bombarded with an abundance of speculative messages.

Public anticipation for Half Life 3, Left for Dead 3 or anything Valve related is reaching fever pitch levels and speculation regarding ARGs seems to have become the number one method of expressing that excitement for a large contingent of fans.

“We’re big Half Life fans, and would love to hear any news about HL3, but alas brave internet warriors, this is not the clue you are seeking,” the studio added a few minutes later.

Now any person who has gaming since the early 2000s is excited about the potential of Half Life 3, but it is rather dangerous for any developer to try and piggy back on that game’s success to promote their own wares. No doubt Bossa Studios are teasing something in their recent update, but toying around with their recent associated with Valve really isn’t any way to go about it. On the other hand it is hard to predict what Valve’s doting community will adopt next as definitive proof of the existence of Half Life 3, but with Valve themselves saying nothing it’s perfectly understandable that gamers are clutching at anything to prove that the sequel really is in development and it will be coming soon.

If only Valve themselves would come out and communicate their plans, then these embarrassing moments would be spared for everyone involved…


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    Makers of Surgeon Simulator 2013 Deny Existence of Half Life 3 ARG

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