Magicka Celebrates First Birthday with Free DLC

Published on January 18th, 2013

Player for free this weekend, via Steam.

Paradox Interactive has announced that Magicka has sold over 1.8 million copies during its first year on release and to celebrate that success a chunky bit of Magicka DLC has been released to the community for free.

“In the new free DLC, players must liberate the wintry workshop of Jólnir, the Crimson King, from a horde of goblins. Jólnir, having let his guard down following a harsh holiday work season, has been forcibly evicted by greedy beasts, and needs the help of Magicka’s well-meaning wizards to resolve this little labor dispute,” states a press relese from the publisher.

“New monsters, including Goblin Snow Troopers and Autonomous Cannons, will defend their new holdings in the middle of a hazardous blizzard, while wizards take cover behind enormous piles of leftover presents and packages. Free Jólnir’s Workshop and discover what the real magic of the season is!”

Magicka was the debut release from Arrowhead Game Studios, and it’s fair to say both its creators and the publisher behind the game made the most of its success with a truckload of DLC which took the four-player co-op madness to brilliant and occasionally bizarre places, including Magicka: Vietnam.

If you’ve yet to place this PC-exclusive Diablo-a-like, Magicka can be played for free this weekend on Steam, with the game’s complete collection with all the DLC available for £7.49.


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    Magicka Celebrates First Birthday with Free DLC

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