New Kickstarter Looks to Revive the 90′s Arcade Racer

Published on January 21st, 2013

If you like Daytona USA, you’ll love this!

Some kickstarters are born out of a need to innovate, while others come about to fulfil a need that time has somehow passed by. ‘The 90′s Arcade Racer’ is undoubtedly the former with colourful visuals, fast sixty frames-per-second visuals, imaginative stages and cars which are just chunky enough to play on your nostalgia heartstrings.

This new project channels the spirit of Daytona USA and SCUD Race and as you can see from the video below, it’s quite a far into development.

According to the pitch page, the final game will feature an arcade mode and championship mode with three tracks and three cars; one based loosely on a 90′s stock car, the McLaren F1 GTR and Nigel Mansell’s ‘Number 5′ FW14 Williams Renault.

The Greek developer behind this potential game, Pelikan13, is asking for £10,000 to get his prototype finished with a pledge of £10 or more granting backers a free copy of ‘The 90′s Arcade Racer’ on PC, Mac or Linux. If funding for this project somehow reaches £20,000, the sole developer working on this game will hire another pair of hands so the following can be added:

  • A championship mode for each car
  • A different time of day for each track
  • Online leaderboards
  • Multiplayer.

That last objective is definitely the most ambitious, but there’s no doubt that there are some people out there who hanker for the halycon days of classic arcade racing – when you didn’t need real tracks, licensed cars or much skill at all to have a good time.
‘The 90′s Arcade Racer’ looks to bring those elements back and it’ll be very interesting to see if there’s enough demand out there to make this project hit its targets.

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    New Kickstarter Looks to Revive the 90s Arcade Racer

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