Humble Bundle Returns to Indie Roots

Published on December 20th, 2012

Get , , , Snapshot, for whatever price you like.

The Humble Bundle folks are busier than ever it seems. After helping Double Fine promote their Amnesia Fortnight and THQ fight off their ongoing financial troubles, the indie champions are back with a new bundle.

Humble Bundle Returns to Indie Roots

Each offering in this bundle gets its own dedicated Steam key.

The Humble Bundle 7 features The Binding of Isaac (with DLC), Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot and Indie Game: The Movie and as ever you can pay whatever you wish to snap up these independently-made gems. If you decide to pay over the average for this bundle (currently $6.38) you’ll also get (plus DLC) and the acclaimed dungeon crawler .

As always each of these games and movie are Linux-friendly, bundled with their respective soundtracks, and purchasers can split their payment between going to the developers involved, the charity Child’s Play, and the Humble Bundle staffers themselves.

Each game/movie in the Humble Bundle can either be downloaded DRM-free via Humble Bundle’s own website or players can register their purchase via Steam. Each aspect of the bundle gets its own Steam key, so if you already own part of this bundle don’t be afraid to give that game’s respective Steam key to a friend. Giving is good, especially this time of year!

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    Humble Bundle Returns to Indie Roots

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