City of Heroes Successor Named City of Titans

Published on September 30th, 2013

Missing Worlds Media unveils new details about their superhero MMORPG.

Last year Paragon Studios’ celebrated free-to-play MMORPG was shuttered after 8 years in service. Unsurprisingly a considerable number of fans didn’t take too kindly to NCSoft’s decision and chose to band together to make their own successor. The result of which is Missing Worlds Media and the Phoenix Project which today has been suitably renamed, .

City of Heroes Successor Named City of Titans

More images and a long awaited gameplay video of City of Titans will emerge on Oct 1st.

“There was a massive assortment of names that were considered, and a good number of finalists, but we are now pleased to announce that the Phoenix has risen in the form of City of Titans, a name that at once contains a nod each to the game that brought us together and the community that so welcomed and supported us when we began this effort, and leaves us and our players free to tell stories of heroism, villainy, and anything in between,” revealed Missing World Media’s president Sara Quinn.

The name is both a knowing nod to City of Heroes and the forum thousands of former players still call home, The Titan Network. Last year we interviewed one of the founders of the network, TonyV, and we found him to be a rather affable fellow.

City of Titans will arrive on Kickstarter on Wednesday, October 1st, but the project lead for the game doesn’t want potential investors to come to the conclusion that this new MMORPG is merely a clone of Paragon Studios’ and Cryptic Studios’ work.

“Our goal is not merely to replace City of Heroes. The things City of Heroes was known for were innovative thinking and ground-breaking gameplay, from side-kicking to badges to instanced missions. Our goal has to be as far reaching and innovative as our inspiration,” explained experienced dev Chris Hare.

“There will be new things. There will be amazing things, and they will all be fun. This will be a new world of superhuman gameplay, and it will be playable with anyone with a capable computer and a little money saved up. Don’t just read adventures, or watch adventures. Live them. Write them. Be the hero. Together, we can fly.”

We hear ya Chris, we hear ya. City of Heroes closure affected us in a big way and there’s no doubt we’ll be watching this Kickstarter endeavour with great interest.

If there’s a pledge level which gifts investors a real life City of Titans-branded cape we’re totally onboard!

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    City of Heroes Successor Named City of Titans

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