New Heroes & Generals Gameplay Footage Released

Published on November 23rd, 2012

Reto-Moto wants you to enroll!

New Heroes & Generals Gameplay Footage Released

If you thought WW2 games were gone forever, think again!

Earlier this month Square Enix signed up the exclusive publishing rights to the persistent online FPS/RTS developed by former IO staffers Reto-Moto, and now we’re starting to see why.

The latest footage comes from an early build codenamed ‘Eisenhower’, but the next one is being readied for release as you read this. Heroes & Generals is set during World War Two and features intense competitive team battles with players not only able to control units from up high, but also zoom down into the battlefield and take control of forces directly from a first/third person perspective.

You can sign up to play Heroes & Generals today by visiting the game’s official website. Expect Heroes & Generals to be released proper next year.


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    New Heroes & Generals Gameplay Footage Released

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