New Hawken Trailer Bursts with PhysX Craziness

Published on January 30th, 2013

brings out the big guns, literally.

New Hawken Trailer Bursts with PhysX Craziness

This screenshow needs more APEX!

There’s a strange paradox at play with . The free-to-play mech shooter costs literally nothing to play, yet the game’s tech is capable of producing jaw-dropping visuals which put regular big-budget releases to shame.

Just look at the shooter’s recently added support for APEX Turbulence effects, which are detailed in a new trailer produced in collaboration with Nvidia. Sure some of the effects look a bit silly, especially the strangely alluring golden clouds emanating from mechs when in self-repair mode, but this is still a good glimpse into what tech other games will employ in 2013.

Obviously it’s worth noting that Radeon cards can simulate PhysX effects using their own software solution, and that these kind of effects don’t only require a bulky Nvideo card – the rest of a rig also has to pull its weight.

Still we can’t help but look at that trailer above and ponder whether it’s time we updated our rapidly aging PC. Just think of all the neon clouds we’re missing out on!

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    New Hawken Trailer Bursts with PhysX Craziness

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