Dreamfall Chapters Hits Kickstarter

Published on February 8th, 2013

The Longest Journey saga to get even longer, if the $850,000 funding target is reached.

The founder of Funcom Ragnar Tørnquist has been talking up a revival of The Longest Journey series for months at this point and today the point-and-click revival has finally arrived on Kickstarter.

The newly formed team at Red Thread Games in Oslo, are looking for $850,000 to get into full scale production, with the sequel sporting the kind of classic, mature adventure gameplay you’d expect of the series.

Dreamfall Chapters Hits Kickstarter

If you want to see Zoë Castillo again, you know what to do...

“In order to tell the full story and to produce all those puzzles and game mechanics, those beautiful locations and intriguing characters, all the mature dialogue, wonderful music and strange, magical creatures, we need more people, and we need a lot more time,” stated Ragnar Tornquist, creator of The Longest Journey series and creative director for Dreamfall Chapters.

“This is why we’re asking for your support and your pledges. Red Thread Games is funding Dreamfall Chapters independently, and without our fans and the community, we won’t be able to do this.”

“In return, we promise to make the game that all of you have been waiting for,” he added.

Despite this project only being announced this morning, the pledge tally is already over $40,000 (at time of writing). No doubt the promise of Ragnar returning to the series which won his studio, originally Funcom, such a claim is prompting a lot of support, as is the promise that Dreamfall Chapters will conclude the story of Zoë Castillo, more commonly known as ‘The Dreamer’.

The official Kickstarter page has more information about Dreamfall Chapters, including the story leading up to the sequel, why Funcom isn’t directly funding the sequel and what pledge awards gamers can bag for themselves.

Good luck Red Thread Games – we have a strong inclination that you won’t need it!


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    Dreamfall Chapters Hits Kickstarter

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