These Diablo III Stats Will Make Your Head Spin

Published on May 22nd, 2013

Blizzard celebrates the dungeon crawler RPG’s one-year anniversary with massive number dump.

If you’re in any doubt as to just how successful has been for Blizzard, keep in mind the following statistic; over 14.5 million have played the RPG sequel since it launched one year ago.

This interesting factoid is just one of many revealed in a new infographic released by Blizzard to celebrate Diablo III‘s first year anniversary, via the game’s official blog. Other revelations include how many times the complete gold yield from the previous twelve month’s questing would fill Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, just how many calories are spent in a single mouse-click (here’s a clue, it isn’t a lot) and how many trillions of monsters have been slain by Diablo III‘s community.

Our favourite statistic of the whole thing has to be the following though – on average 2.1 million have people logged into Diablo III every single day since launch. That level of activity is very impressive, especially for a game which had such a traumatic and controversial launch due to server problems and the implementation of the real money auction house.

A whole new audience will be introduced to Diablo III later this year, when the sequel launches on PlayStation 3 and 4.  We doubt the console audience will flock to this experience with quite as much loot lust as the PC crowd, but its continued popularity certainly won’t do it any harm.

Check out the infographic for yourself, below:These Diablo III Stats Will Make Your Head Spin


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    These Diablo III Stats Will Make Your Head Spin

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